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Comics Subscription

Wilson's offers a free computerized comic subscription service. Please use our subscription form to order a single issue or subscribe to as many titles as you wish, adding and deleting as you see fit.

For new subscribers please review our subscription policy. By clicking the button to take you to the form you are agreeing to our terms in the policy.

1. The subscription service is FREE of charge.

2. Comics are discounted 10% off the cover price whether they are purchased from their subscription folder or off the rack.

3. Discounts DO NOT apply to comic supplies or back issues.

4. Subscribers are expected to purchase ALL items in their subscription account. This includes toys, t-shirts, and all other items.

5. Subscribers are expected to pick up their subscription account before one comic cycle has passed. In most instances this is one month but sometimes it is 2 weeks.

6. Discounts are voided on any account not picked up within one cycle or on any books left in a person’s account to be picked up later.

7. Subscribers under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian sign for them.

8. Subscription accounts may be canceled at any time but the subscriber is responsible for purchasing anything which may have accumulated in their account. If there are any outstanding special orders they must be paid for in full and the subscriber will be contacted when the item arrives.

9. Subscription accounts left over two months will be turned over for collection.

Privacy Notice
We here at Wilson's respect your privacy. We will never release any info about anyone to anyone for any reason.