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What kind of books do you deal in?

Wilson's is a general used and antiquarian book shop

So, no new books at all?

Not any more, with the proliferation of the book superstores and online giants like Amazon we simply couldn't remain competitive. There's nothing we can do that they can't do bigger, better, faster, and cheaper. We have to pick our battles.

How do you get your stock?

Quite simply, from you the public we both buy and trade. See our policies on their respective pages on this site.


What are those colored tags in your books for?

Many first guess that they have something to do with the price. A good guess, but incorrect. Those colored slips of paper are our inventory control tags. Each year gets a color and by looking at a shelf we can tell what stock is the oldest.


Where do I find the prices on your books?

Most are priced inside the front cover. For mass market paperbacks there is a stamp inside the cover with two prices. The top is the price you pay. The one below it is the trade value of the book if you decide to trade it back when you are through with it.

Trade paperbacks and hardcover books are priced on the first available page and have a price sticker for the non 1st editions and penciled in price for the more collectible editions.


How do you arrive at your pricing?

Most current editions are priced at half of their cover price. Almost all books default at a price no lower than $2.50 to $3.00.There is almost no way we can sell a book any cheaper and keep the doors open. Antiquarian books are priced at fair market value based on condition and several other factors. Older books are priced based on if they were published today.


What kind of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, check, credit and debit cards (with the exception of American Express). There is no minimum purchase when using cards.


Do you offer price breaks on volume purchases?

This depends on a number of factors and we are happy to deal with all serious buyers. Because of the trade value we can't give breaks on mass market paperbacks. All others will vary based on how much you are buying and how you are paying.

Volume discounting begins at $50.00. Cash is king in these deals and cards can't be used because of their fees. These deals are also conducted on a cash and carry basis at the time of the deal. Absolutely no breaks are given for potential future sale or "tire kickers". In fact this type of typically western behavior incites a mostly hostile reaction in the owner.


How are the books arranged?

All books are segregated into sections based on genre. Larger sections are alphabetical by the authors last name; however if a section only encompasses a few shelves we don't bother to alphabetize them. For a listing of our categories, Click Here.


What about returns and refunds?

These are handled on an individual basis. Refunds are generally given if the book is defective. We don't guarantee you'll like the book only that it's all there. If you accidentally purchase the same book twice we will generally give you full trade credit on one of them. Mistakes happen but if the trend continues normal credit will be given out along with the advice of keeping a list.


Do you ever run sales?

No we don't for a number of reasons. Sales in the retail world are generally done to purge old stock from the shelves. Because of several aftermarket arenas we have no problem liquidating overstocked books. Also our prices are very competitive. We sell a good product for a reasonable price and feel sales cheapen the perceived value of our product. Lastly, is the liberal  trade policy already in place. Sales would add a level of unneeded confusion.


Can you order books?

No, ordering new books is best done by new book stores. We can locate out of print books for you but this can get quite expensive.


Can we have books held for us?

Books can be held for no longer than 24 hours. The truth is 95% of all people requesting books held for them never come in to pick them up. This is very frustrating and adds an element of uncertainty to anyone asking. Trade credits can not be used on material held. Why? Because the act of holding a book for you is a more involved process than just you shopping. We shop for you, and take the books out of stock so no one else can buy them. Compensation for this extended service is appreciated.


Can you ship books?

Yes. We ship all over the world. A shipping fee is required based on the destination of the books. All books shipped must be purchased from us. We can also send books to correctional facilities.


Why aren't you open on Sunday?

We have to have some time off. In the past we've tried. On average only one Sunday per month was worth opening for, and it changed from month to month making a schedule impossible. Appointments can be made for Sunday but these are for special occasions only.


What's with the Elvis Bathroom?

The Elvis Presley Memorial Bathroom and Philosophy Door was brought about years ago as a staff joke and it just kept growing. Basically the premise is Elvis died in a bathroom, this makes him patron saint of all bathrooms.


You do deal in new comics right?

Yes indeed. We were the first full service collectors comic shop in the Tampa Bay Area and still carry a full line of new comics. We also offer a subscription service. For more, Click Here.


Why don't you carry collectors’ comics now?

In the late 90's the comic market fell hard and fast. Lots of comic shops went out of business and the market for collectors comics radically changed. At this point we decided on our current model of comic sales. For more details visit the back issue comics page, Click Here.


My old comic shop used to hold my comics for me. Can you do that?

Yes we can. We have a computerized comic subscription service and can give 10% off on all subscribers in good standing. For details, Click Here.


Are you hiring?

We almost never lose staff. The last time we had to accept applications was about 20 years ago. Seasonal help is also not needed because the temporary nature of the employment does not allow for proper training.